Document Name English Hindi Local
Handbook of Forest Conservation Act 1980, Rule 2003 and Guideline and Clarifications
Guidelines for Mechanism for Marketing of MFP Through MSP and Development of Value Chain for MFP
Compendium of Gazette Notifications on Environmental Impact Assessment
CFRMC Guidelines for constitution and Functioning of the committee under ST and OTFDs, FRA 2006
MoEF FC Guideline, FRA, 28th October 2014
Guidelines and operational manual for MFP marketing through MSP (25.01.2014)
Clarifications and Guidelines by MoTA  for conversion of Forest Village to Revenue Village(08.11.2013)
Guideline by MoTa on implementation of FRA (12th July, 2012)
Guidelines to notify critical wildlife habitat
Guideline for Conversion of Forestland for Implementation of Govt. Developmental Programs and Schemes
1990 Guidelines