Convergence and Forest Rights Act:
converting rights into livelihood and food security

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As per the Forest rights Act(rule no 16), the Act suggest about the Post claim support and hand holding to holders of Forest rights; the state government shall ensure through its various departments especially for the tribal and social welfare relevant to the upliftment of forest dwelling scheduled tribes and other traditional forest dwellers, that all government schemes including those relating to land development, land productivity, basic amenities and other livelihood measures are provided to such claimants and communities whose rights have been recognized and vested under the act, The study envisages the process, planning and execution of the Convergence programme/schemes (Land Development (MGNREGS), IAY, National Horticulture Mission, National Bamboo Mission and any other programme) for the enhancement of the Sustainable livelihood of the community. A study is being carried out in coordination with community and organization in the state to document implementation of FRA and community livelihood enhancement through convergence programme/schemes and to facilitate the community based convergence/developmental plan. The issues will be studied in the context of STs and PVTG areas. With an improved understanding to develop an improved mechanism for better implementation of convergence programme/schemes. As per the ST Development Department data till now in Odisha more than 2 lakhs right holders are covered under different developmental programmes / schemes. This study is focusing on whether this convergence programme/schemes under FRA is giving opportunity to the community /right holders for the improvement of their Livelihood and food security or it is leading to any of the unintended consequences which need to be documented.

Vasundhara has initiated a study to understand the status and process of implementation of the convergence programs under the Forest Rights Act in Odisha, its key learnings, issues and challenges.

We would be happy to receive the status of implementation, ground level experience and learnings, issues and challenges in the convergence programs under FRA in your state, from your regions. For this we would like to learn from the experiences of other organizations across India engaged in convergence programs taken up under the FRA, all of your suggestions/ideas and contribution will be highly appreciated.

Please write to us your thoughts/views/any other important thing which can add value to this study.

p1 Letter to PD, DRDA regarding the discussion on the plan submitted by Madikhol Gramsabha
p1 Letter to PD, DRDA, Kandhamal and Others to provide necessary support and finalized the Convergence Plan
p1 Meeting Proceedings on Convergence under Forest Rights Act
p1 Report on State Level Consultation : Convergence and Forest Rights Act
p1 State Level Consultation on Forest Rights Act and Convergence Programmes

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