Civil Society Reports

Report of National Level Discussion on "Forest & Rights" over Natural Resources
Public Hearing on Community Forest Rights by CFR-LA
FRA-PA National Consultation 2013 Summary Report
 Community Forest Rights under Forest Rights Act: Citizens' Report 2013
 National Consultation on Forest Rights Act and Protected Areas
 Communities demand implementation of Forest Rights Act in Kuchchh district
 A National Report on Community Forest Rights under FRA - Status & Issues - 2012
A Citizenís Report on Status and Recommendations
Recognition of Community rights under FRA in Madhya pradesh  and Chhattisgarh -  challenges and way forward
IGES full report incl. FRA paper, as pub, June 2011
CFR governance workshop, issues & recommendations, final, May 2011
CFR_brainstorming report  delhi
CFR recommendations, NAC, Jt Committee, Ntnl Wkshp, final
MoRD CM Mahrashtra 150312
Kashwan - Summary of Dissertation findings
Policy Brief-I


Perpetuating Deprivation And Injustice : Plantation Programs In Violation Of Forest Rights Act
The Forest Rights Act and Kendu Leaf Trade in Odisha
Saving forests : Women Sentinels of Gunduribadi
Tribe's Sacredness for its Scred Groves at Stake
Need to rethink development strategies
Securing tribal rights means understanding them first
Article on Kadar tribe's conservation
FRA Article - Democratic Assertion: The making of India's recognition of Forest Rights Act - by Kundan Kumar & John M. Kerr
FRA article on the politics of right based approaches in conservation - by Prakash Kashwan
CFR article, for HSE 2011
Is bamboo a tree or a grass?

Green Warriors: Conserving Local Biodiversity through Community Conservation Initiatives in Orissa, India

The Forest Rights Act: Redefining Biodiversity Conservation in India