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Community Forest Rights At a Glance:Newsletter Issue - I, (April-May 2015)

PIB Releases

Benefit of Forest Rights Act to Tribals
Joint Convention Adivasi Adhikar Sangharsh Sammelan on August 5th
Arrest of Adv. Roma and Sokalo Gond is a condemnable attempt to crush democractic struggles:Immediately release the activists and accept the demands of struggling people of Sonbhadra,UP

Need to Review the Effectiveness of Tribal Sub Plan Approach for Reaching Out to Tribal Women and Children, 30th May 2011

Relocation of 376 Families and 3 Forest Villages from Gir Lion Reserves
Allocation for People Rehabilitated from Forests
Foreign Assistance for Protection and Development of Forests
Environmental Clearance to Projects for Diversion of Land
More than 8 Lakh hectare Forest Land diverted for non-forestry purpose


Tribe's Sacredness for its Sacred Groves at Stake
Need to rethink development strategies
Securing tribal rights means understanding them first
Is bamboo a tree or a grass?
Green Warriors: Conserving Local Biodiversity through Community Conservation Initiatives in Orissa, India
The Forest Rights Act: Redefining Biodiversity Conservation in India

Proceedings/Recommendations of Various Meetings/ Workshops/ Seminars


Recommendations from National Workshop on management of Community Forest Resources under Forest Rights Act, 2006 held at Bhubaneswar on 26th and 27th March 2011

Recommendations from National Workshop on PA & FRA held at Bhubaneswar on 7th & 8th December 2009
  Updates from MoTA & MoEF


Ministry of Tribal Affairs

Ministry of Environment & Forest

02/01/2008 Salient Features of Forest Rights Act 2006  
12/02/2008   Aim of National Forest Policy
12/02/2008   Allocation for Tiger Conservation Plan and Village Relocation Package
27/02/2008  Protection of Critical Wildlife Habitat  
27/02/2008    Protection of Critical Wildlife Habitat
20/03/2008   Implementation of Forest Right Act
07/05/2008 Review on Formation of Forest Right Committee
15/05/2008 Procedure for Filling and Verification of Claim
16/05/2008 Center Reviews on Implementation of Forest Rights Act
23/05/2008   Declaration of Four New Tiger Reserves
28/05/2008   Fact Sheet on National Park and Wildlife Sanctuaries
25/06/2008 State Ministers' to Review Forest Rights Act  
31/8/2008 Status Report on Implementation of Forest Rights Act  
17/09/2008 PM Addresses in Governors Conference  
03/10/2008 Status Report on Implementation of FRA as on 30th Sept 2008  
11/11/2008 Over 60000 Land Pattas distributed  
  94 thousand people get forestland