Memorandum / CFR Letters

Appel to Hon'ble Chairman of the Rajyasabha on Repeal of CAF-ACT

Endorsement of Request by Indian Conservationists to uphold and implement India's Forest Rights Act, 2006

Appeal to Chairman of Rajya Sabha on CAMPA Bill

Office Memorandum relating to CFR Management Rules and Guidelines (Draft)

Petition to The Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt of India

Memorandum to Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla

Memorandum to Chief Secretary, SLMC, Odisha

Memorandum to Minister of Tribal Affairs, AJAM_

Petition to the PMO against dilution of FRA_

Submission to MoTA on FRA Compliance in Manipur

Submission to the Standing Committee regarding WLPA 2013 Amendment by Kalpavriksh

Appeal to Governor by Niyamagiri Surakhya Samiti

Memorandum to MoEF by Odisha Kendupatra Karmachari Sangha

Letter to MoEF re. Feb 2013 circular on forest diversion by Kalpavriksh & Vasundhara

Letter to MoTA re. Feb 2013 circular on forest diversion by Kalpavriksh & Vasundhara


Open Letter to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh regarding forest diversion for developmental projects

Memorandum to CM UP and PM on occasion of Forest rights rally in Lucknow, UP - 15dec 2012

MoTA letter to MoEF on Diversion of Forest Land

Memorandum by AP communities and CBOs- CPF state level consultation Andhra Pradesh

Letter to V Kishore Chandra Deo

letter to SLMC_DDR_Gujurat